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XAMonline.com is the nation’s leading publisher of teacher certification study guides. We publish over 25 Texas-specific teacher certification study guides that are directly aligned with test content. Our ExCET and TExES guides offer the following advantages:

• Quality content and highly focused on over 25 different individual subject areas
• Guides are aligned with current state and regional standards and guidelines
• All competencies and required skills are covered
• 80-125 question sample test with full and referenced rationales as well as calculated question rigor
• Print on Demand (POD) technology reduces handling and inventory costs as well as ensures books remain available and are never sold out
This site allows you to access discount coupons, test dates, flyers, information packets, and other useful information regarding your upcoming teacher certification examinations so you can PASS THE FIRST TIME!

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TExES Generalist 4-8 TExES Special Education Ei12 Sample
TExES Mathematics 8-12 Sample TExES Science 8-12 Sample


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Who We Are - XAMonline.com

Since 1996 XAMonline has been publishing higher quality, state-specific teacher certification study guides. With a catalog of more than 300 titles, including over 30 PRAXIS study guides, we offer the largest selection of teacher certification study guides on the market, and are continually expanding our selection.  We align our guides to each state’s individual standards, creating a study guide that is just right for you. Unlike our competitors, our guides drill all the way down to the focus statements level, and include examples and interpretations of the certification exam objectives. This comprehensive review ensures you are ready to pass your exam the first time!

We are committed to providing aspiring teachers with the best study guides and teacher certification preparation tools available on the market. We believe that higher quality study guides lead to higher quality teachers.

Print on Demand (POD) technology ensures books remain available and are NEVER SOLD OUT.  It reduces costs for handling and inventory, which allows us to pass the savings on to you. POD also enables us to adjust content and ensure that it is aligned with current state and regional standards/guidelines, as well as correct any errors and make changes thereby printing more quality books. NO other company can guarantee that!


About our Authors

Our books are authored by the Who’s Who in American Education and are edited for quality. We select the best authors available from America’s finest institutions such as Harvard, MIT, UCLA, and many more. From Deans of Education to Ph.D.s in 26 different fields, you can expect stellar preparation materials. XAM blends those who have certification in field and years of classroom experience with authors who are principals and university professors.


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